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Chemistry and New Zealand
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New Zealand's home of the Stain Removal Guide plus detergent, chemistry and New Zealand resources. Chemistry Resources and links, take a break and stop by the New Zealand pages to find out about the Kiwi bird, which is found only in New Zealand. Although primarily a bird of New Zealand’s native forests, kiwis also live in scrub and native grasslands. Because the kiwi is a semi-nocturnal, secretive bird, few New Zealanders have seen their national bird in the wild. Read about the New Zealand Kiwi, our indigenous flightless bird. Have a look at the Waikato Region where this site was originally produced. Find out about the best Skiing and Surfing spots - you can learn our lingo from the Kiwi Slang page - find Fast Facts about our beautiful country - picture the Volcanoes and Glaciers - learn a little about the Maori of New Zealand - peruse the Country's Wildlife and endangered flora, learn and hear New Zealand's National Anthem. such as Acids &amp; Bases, What is a Mole?, What is ...
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