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Total Results: 57 | Updated: 2019-03-22
Old Rank: 57,871 New Rank: 106,854


NPA | National Procurement Authority
Old Rank: 60,456 New Rank: 107,669


وزارت امور داخله | جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان
Old Rank: 137,952 New Rank: 134,881


وزارت عدلیه - جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان
Alexa Rank: 140197

Office of Chief of Staff for the President | ریاست دفتر مقام عالی ریاست جمهوری | د جمهوري ریاست د عالي مقام دفتر لوی ریاست
Old Rank: 138,349 New Rank: 189,826


Da Afghanistan Bank - Central Bank of Afghanistan
Old Rank: 287,242 New Rank: 222,961


Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock
Old Rank: 244,710 New Rank: 234,589


Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development
Old Rank: 156,181 New Rank: 413,501


Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
Alexa Rank: 459369

Afghanistan Meteorological Department
Old Rank: 306,122 New Rank: 490,886


ادارہ مرکزی احصائیه
Alexa Rank: 519040

Independent Administrative Reforms and Civil Service Commission
Alexa Rank: 519048

The Office of the Deputy Minister for Policy – Ministry of Finance
Old Rank: 634,580 New Rank: 526,382


وزارت ارشاد، حج و او قاف
Old Rank: 193,232 New Rank: 675,419


Administrative Office of the President | ریاست عمومی اداره امو ریاست جمهوری | د چارو ادارې جمهوریت
Old Rank: 207,558 New Rank: 778,779


Afghanistan Central Civil Registration Authority